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March 6-8, 2020
Hance Park, Phoenix, AZ

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Sunday, March 8

The Shady Gnomes are a trio featuring Nicky V (BFF, DJ/Producer), BARDZ (Guitar/Producer) and Ryan Cornelius (Shady Park, DJ). This live electronic group covers sounds from house, funk and drum & bass with flairs of classic rock + more. The three frequently bring their energetic live sets to Shady Park, Barsmith, Brunch House at Wasted Grain, Trumbull’s, Pitch-A-Tent and more. Outside of The Shady Gnomes, both Nick and Tyler show rapid signs of growth in their solo projects while Ryan programs music and marketing with Shady Park and Sunbar. The trio prides themselves on relatively “unplanned” sets for full improvisation while building energy from the crowd and each other.