M3F is a charitable music festival 100% of our proceeds are donated


M3F Family,


We're sad to announce our 2021 event is cancelled.


Safety is a non-negotiable. We worked tirelessly to explore every option imaginable, turning over every stone, and ultimately the stars did not align for a safe event this year.


This was an extremely difficult decision for us to make. M3F is a 100% non-profit event focused on giving back to the community around us. We strive to make a positive impact every year, and while that hasn’t changed this year, a lot of other things have; we know the best way to support this community is to refrain from hosting an event.


We've seen many of you come to M3F seventeen years in a row and that means the world to us. We'll miss you this year but are planning a big comeback in 2022! We're committed to bringing everyone an exceptional experience and have a lot in store. Stay healthy, keep your heads up, and know we'll be back in a field shouting the lyrics to our favorite songs soon.